Segment 2 Class List

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January 27, 2020February 24, 2020Marach 23, 2020April 29,2020May 20,2020June 1,2020  August 19, 2020
Drake ASterling SCollin SSkye TEvan D
Kaelyn PJonah WRyan R
Justin GMadison CChristopher K
Jack BElijah BCallista E
Owen MChristian F
Alexis NKyleigh C
Sophia JEmma A
Nathaniel SEmma R
Austin HForrest S
Evan MGrant K
Shelly HJarek S
Alec REthan H
Beau CElena Y
Aiden LRiley S
Steve A
Mason A
Ryleigh M
Makenna G
Ty F
Penny W
Hannah M
Jillyan O
Tyler R
Sophia D
Lily S
John T
Braydon K