Segment 2 Class List

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March 20, 2019April 29, 2019May 22, 2019June 3, 2019July 24, 2019
Olivia L.Lorina BMegan RTate ZAlexis T
Thomas M.Hannah TLana NTristan M
Michael M.Abigail FMorgan W
Kylie KMacy BChase L.
Makayla VKatie G
Paige HJewelian R
Kylie KKaleb B
Rebecca RAmira H
Hannah WAylssa B
Asher LAshleigh C
Gabrielle S
K-Cee DLogan M
Aidan YShelby T
Paige S.Caitlin H
Collin TSheldon B
Kara BEmily K
Kyle PAvery B
Anthony CMason F
Madigan LTrayson G
Emma RSamantha B
Jacob HLilly F
Adrienne P.Skylar T.
Gabrielle BSophia L
Jena LEmily K
Louis MEthan E
Hannah PAbigail F
Andrew RMadyson C
Natalie DCaitlyn W
Collin PRachel M
Lyndsey S
Richard L
Ryann P
Brantley w
Dylan L
Austin L
Elijah L.
Aaron S