Adult Drivers

Keys Instructors also drive with adult drivers who are learning for the first time or want to refresh their skills in preparation for an upcoming road test.

New Drivers/Road Test Parking Practice

We can give you initial instruction in one of our vehicles equipped with the passenger side instructor brake. This is a low stress, no yelling, very patient environment you would hope for. We begin driving in very easy areas and gradually bring you to the point that you can continue your practice safely with a family member or friend. We can even bring them along on the final drive if you wish.

People learn and gain confidence at different rates. For your first hour,  the fee is $60. Should you desire additional hours these can be arranged for $60 an hour. An additional fee of $10 will be assessed for drivers that live outside of a 10 mile radius of our office.  We will pick you up at home or work and drop you off an hour later wherever you need to be.

Adult Drivers Training/Retraining

Do you have an upcoming road test? Nervous about whether or not you are driving safely on today’s roadways? We can help you regain your confidence with your skills and avoid the most common mistakes people make on the road test. Are you concerned about an older driver in your life whose skills seem diminished? We can help them refresh those skills, or perhaps help the family determine it may be time to limit the scope of their drives.

We can practice driving when it is convenient for you and will arrange to help you practice by appointment. We charge $60 per hour. Following the first hour evaluation, we can discuss your wish or need for additional hours.  The first hour will be conducted in one of our vehicles; additional hours may be in your vehicle if desired, at the instructor’s discretion.

Questions? Call Us (616) 842-1313

Please call us to discuss your concerns as an adult driver. We are happy to be of assistance even if we just answer a question for you.