Segment 1

Segment One Instruction

Segment One Classes are $360. Starting January 2020 or fee will increase to $380.  We offer highly skilled instruction with a stress free environment. This class is 24 hours of classroom instruction (12 classes, two hours long) and 6 hours of behind the wheel drive coaching. Driving schedule only goes out the entire month.

Students must be at least 14 years and 8 months old on the first day of class. On day one, we set up student driving partners and schedule driving times. During the school year, we pick up students at their school at 3pm and drive for two hours, each student driving for two, half hour shifts.

Then we arrive at Keys Driving where they have class which is 5:30-7:30. After class, we drive with other students for two hours and they drop themselves off at their home when finished at 9:30.

The students will return home with their driving schedule after the first class. Each student will have six drive times. We are flexible and can change the driving time if given enough notice.

Other than the six drive times, the students are responsible for getting themselves to and from class on time. If the students are picked up promptly, that helps us get out driving and return the students home as early as possible in the evening.

Summer classes are 9 to 11 am. Students will arrange drive times on the first day and will be picked up and dropped off at their home, not school. Again, picking up your student promptly at 11:00 will help us keep our schedule timely.

The state examination is given on the last day of class. The students will be issued a certificate of completion when their drives are finished, exam is passed and final payments have been made. This green certificate should be presented to the Secretary of State’s office as soon as possible so that the Level One Driver’s License can be issued. For students already 16 or nearly 16, this is critical. They must hold their level one license for at least 6 months from the date of issue before they can qualify for a level two license (independent drivers license).