Providing safe and professional driving instruction along the West Michigan Lakeshore.

Welcome to Keys Driving School

Keys Driving School is located in Grand Haven, and provides driving instruction in west Michigan.  Our classes are taught by the Keys Driving Team.  We have each completed the State of Michigan training classes and exams to receive instructor licenses. We offer our students professional and individualized instruction with many years of combined teaching experience.

Classroom lessons focus on the rules of the road, legal licensing requirements and safety obligations of the driver. Through class discussion, lecture, quizzes and videos, students prepare to become safe and responsible drivers. They learn analytical defensive driving techniques and are taught to recognize potential hazards in their own and others driving including weather, ice, aggressive drivers, driver fatigue and drug and alcohol use. They will be able to pass the State of Michigan driver education exam and earn a certificate of completion to present at the Secretary of State’s office for a level one driver’s license.

We try at all times to share our love of driving with our students. On the street, in the car, we patiently coach our students in considerate highway use. In low stress driving lessons, the students progress at their own pace with encouragement and reinforcement in developing their own responsible driving behavior.

We have enjoyed teaching driver’s education to teens and adults for many years. We welcome you to come visit Keys Driving; meet with us and discuss how we can best meet the needs of your student driver. We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully teach each student who comes to us.

Michigan Driver’s Education Program

Keys Driving is located in the Tri Cities area, offering driver’s education & driver’s training along the West Michigan Lakeshore. Our goal is to provide the confidence to pass your road test while focusing on safe driving in all conditions.

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