Segment 1 Class List

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October 3, 2022November 1, 2022December 1, 2022January 9, 2023February 1, 2023
Biswas BCaden RCollin MRyland CHolly S.
Sebastian RCaiden LLevi TBrogan DIvy H
Emily SAndi VMackenzie BBrady JBrody E
Lucia FAnna ROLivia VSaydee DGus S
Cam RAbbigail KMazie WMorgan SSinead N
Justin ACharles OHanna BKayla K
Lily BCasey IElla FMallory M
Carter RKari TAna WAlyssa C
Mydnite DAbby FLincoln Hayes
Emma STye BPaige SWilliam M
Mikayla RSawyer HAlayna TOwen C
Rylan BWill MBryant TMcKenna T
Victoria HOlivia VBella KSavanna B
Lucia FSarah BRyan MEva A
Janaiah WSimon SKeenan J
Kaedon AOliver MSadie T
Logan KEmmett MLiam F
Chandler S