Segment 1 Class List

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February 4, 2019March 4, 2019April 8, 2019May 6, 2019June10, 2019July 8, 2019
Alexandria EJack BAshley St.Judson WAvery C.Alexandra G
Kate EChristian FSpencer CLily SHannah M.Evan D.
Andrew PJonah WLandon H.Taylor RDarrian E
Ashton DEvin JEmily ABreAnna W.
Sophie BMadeline LEmily S.Abrial M
Emma WOlivia CNolan OOlivia B
Ella BKamdyn BElena WJames S
Gannon KSterling STrevor D
Jonathon BReese IReese C.
Kaelyn PSydney D
Dylan D.Kyler C
Emma R.Noah K
Delainie BJoel W
Anthony APeyton P.
Jonathon T.
owen mGabrielle G
Patrick MTravis T
Paul MHunter T
Ariana HCollin S
Natalie RSarah W
Ashlyn VNathan B
Christian B.
Kreegan D
Ian H.
Andrew V
Gilbert P
Samantha C.
Madison C.