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Rhonda Zost, MANAGER and operator of Keys Driving



Rhonda Zost

Rhonda Zost

Michigan Driver Education Instructor Program

Bachelors of Science/Elementary Ed. GVSU

Keys is pleased to introduce our newest driving instructor. Rhonda Zost has been in education for many years here in the Grand Haven area. She is a fully licensed driver’s education instructor in the State of Michigan. She brings patience, confidence and the ability to connect with teens that we at Keys Driving value so much. We know your student will have a positive experience when learning and driving with Rhonda!

Rhonda explains why she enjoys teaching driving to teens: “As a resident of the Tri-Cities area for 10 years now, my extensive experience working with the school district shaped my decision to teach Driver’s Education. My primary goal is to focus upon the needs of each individual student, assess his/her skills and build upon those skills by emphasizing the positive in a friendly and supportive manner. I also want each student to enjoy learning important and valuable driving techniques; and develop the realization that being behind theĀ  wheel is a privilege to be appreciated.”

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