Class List

Students:  Please see instructions for completing registration under the Segment 1 “Registration” drop down. Avoid long lines and complete your registration today! (Please note, if you receive a confirmation email, you have a place reserved in the class- even though your name may not appear on this list immediately)

July 6 @ noonJuly 31 @ noonAug 28 @ 11amOct 2-4 @ 5:30Nov 1-3 @ 5:30
Samson LRiley RRiley RIsaac CEthan H
Maggie MCole VCody MAlicia H
Fredrick ECaleb KLaura S
Jenna RBronson FIsaac C
Grace SGriffin P.Matthew D
Marc EAlicyn W.Gavin B
Joe CMegan W.Jonathon L.
Krya CTimothy MCaleb K.
Jack HLauren S.James H
Abbey AKendal B.
Drew HElizabeth E
Kevin WAudrey P
Emily SShakira B
Arynn VKatelyn CN
James SJacob J
Michael ALauren W
Dennis ABrice R
Cameron PNicholas R
Amelia HSarah K
David RSamuel W
Jacob PEmma B
Carly AMegan D
Molly MJoseph B
Alexander H.
Peighton D.
Nolan D.
Kaidin T.
Cameron M.
Jonathan H
Jacob O
Samuel W
Ethan S
Alexis S
Chloe D
Devin L
Gabryella C